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December 2007

Advocating to Overturn the “Accountants in Employment Act”

by Ryan on December 26, 2007

Call me totally bonkers, but I’m hereby advocating that everyone (or should I say no one because I seriously don’t think anyone actually reads this blog) use Turbotax to prepare their personal income tax returns this year. Only if you are still totally clueless and unable to understand how to prepare your return using Turobotax after trying on your own, should you then seek outside advice from your CPA. I am confident that if you follow the directions step by step, you can prepare and file your own return and save yourself at least 150 bucks, if not $500 or more for some folks.  In the event that the title of this post is confusing, the “Accountants in Employment Act” is my take on why accountants are able to make a living.  This is not real law, but rather how I refer to the US tax code in sarcastic terms.  The US tax code is so confusing, that ordinary citizens cannot handle their own personal taxes, thereby giving rise to the need for accountants.  By the way, I am one of these accountants.  I just find it funny that we create such a complicated rules (tax) system that it gives rise to an entire profession, one that I am a part of.  It sure pays the rent, but overall, the need for accountants just seems odd to me.  Life should just be more simple that having to annually consult professionals.  For the record in addition to doing my own taxes, I also cut my own hair.

Digital SLR’s 101

by Ryan on December 23, 2007

For non advertising campaign shooting pros and prosumers, once you get to 6MP, let alone 8MP, you have enough size and anything bigger is just extra, and not really necessary 99.999% of the time . It’s also wise to go with the model that will ultimately accept an extension grip for easier verticle shooting. Although not immediately obvious, for an editorial shooter, the vertically oriented photograph is the primary image orientation.

Facebook Really is Worth More Than MySpace

by Ryan on December 23, 2007

As much as I had to fight the social networks as a non-single male, I decided to sign up for both Facebook and MySpace last week in an effort to do some general social networking research. I had previously been a member of Friendster back in 2002 until I deleted my profile in 2005. Well, here is my verdict after one week…Facebook is clearly the cooler, less cheesy, more user friendly, less annoying, easier to use application. I found that a great deal of my contacts possess profiles on both platforms; however, the more business and career minded of my contacts are on Facebook and the single, party-types tend to be all over MySpace. While both platforms are great for networking and keeping groups apprised of your news, Facebook is the clear winner in terms of it’s ability to provide direct marketing and cute add ons / api’s for one’s business and other creations.

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Why Can’t Americans Send Wire Transfers Online for Free?

by Ryan on December 17, 2007

This just makes no sense to me whatsoever. Why can’t I send wires online? Europeans are able to freely transfer money online from one banking institution to another. Why is it such a pain to do in the US? Will this be Michael Moore‘s next film? I am 100% positive that there is a shady government interest preventing this. And don’t try and tell me it’s to prevent exposure to online banking hacks.

Big Ups John Stossel

by Ryan on December 15, 2007

John Stossel had a nice 20/20 story this week on running out of gas and how there’s a fuel buffer in American gas tanks. I guess I’m in the same boat as Paris Hilton for not knowing that, only Paris actually did run out. I wonder if she did or she didn’t know there was a 20 mile or more buffer? I think that was a dumb question. The point is, I like the gas story by the Stossmeister.