VIDEO: The Onstage @launch of Our 4 New Content Marketplaces

by Ryan on February 26, 2011

We unleashed our 4 new sites at The LAUNCH Conference on Thursday. Venturebeat wrote a frankly awesome editorial on it. Above is the video of our presentation unveiling marketplaces for tattoos, celebrity pictures, cartoons, and infographics. If you fast forward about 4:15 into the video, our presentation begins around that time.

We had a amazing time at the conference. The quality of the judges and attendees was truly amazing and there was ample time to get face time with them.  People like Chris Sacca and Living Social Co-Founder/CTO Aaron Batalion were really accessible and downright helpful.

I have an opinion on conferences, concerts, festivals, and the like. The early years of these things are always the best years.  I try and always make it to new, more underground conferences and festivals before things get too crazy and over-conference-ized if you will.

LAUNCH is still in it’s early years and if you are a startup / investor, you should try and make it next year. You won’t be disappointed – it’s a tight knit, quality crowd.  I hope it stays this way forever.