Facebook Really is Worth More Than MySpace

by Ryan on December 23, 2007

As much as I had to fight the social networks as a non-single male, I decided to sign up for both Facebook and MySpace last week in an effort to do some general social networking research. I had previously been a member of Friendster back in 2002 until I deleted my profile in 2005. Well, here is my verdict after one week…Facebook is clearly the cooler, less cheesy, more user friendly, less annoying, easier to use application. I found that a great deal of my contacts possess profiles on both platforms; however, the more business and career minded of my contacts are on Facebook and the single, party-types tend to be all over MySpace. While both platforms are great for networking and keeping groups apprised of your news, Facebook is the clear winner in terms of it’s ability to provide direct marketing and cute add ons / api’s for one’s business and other creations.

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