The Lizard Gets My Money

by Ryan on October 16, 2007

After moving to LA from NYC, I needed a car and of course, car insurance.  I shopped around with esurance, Progressive, Farmers, Wawanesa, and even a personal contact that quoted me a discounted rate on car insurance. The commercials are right…Geico has the best rates out there and offerred me a rate that’s more than $200 per year less than the competition. I look at car insurance as a commodity and I really don’t understand how the other hacks can get away with offering so much more for the exact same goods as I get from Geico. Geico even offers some perks when you sign up with them, including $50 deductibles on windsheild repairs (front, rear, and all side glass included) if you have a new car. What’s going on in the world? Why would anyone ever pay more for car insurance? I can understand health insurance where the plans and doctors and networks can very significantly as well as the prices, but not car insurance where the limits and plans can be easily compared across the board. Go Lizard!

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