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May 2007

Fast Money

by Ryan on May 30, 2007

Fast Money, which airs nightly on CNBC, is the best financial TV program today. These guys are really good, the four of them together can definitely trump Jim Cramer. The regular contributors are each specialists in their own market sectors – retail, semi-conductions, oil and gas, commodities, and semi-conductors, to name a few. This show is a really nice source for finding companies that you should research further and fully investigate. Use it as a supplement to IBD to find your next hot investments. Start with a top level sector analysis and find a best of breed company with little to no debt and solid cash flows and revenue growth prospects.

12.22.09 UPDATE:  I don’t watch the show since Dylan Ratigan and Jeff Macke left the program.  It’s just not the same anymore.

It’s Been a Long Time…

by Ryan on May 24, 2007

Took a break from the blog here…but now I’m back. Just read an article in Maximun PC magazine about a wireless external storage device from Western Digital call the My Book World Edition II. This is what anyone with a vast amount of data files, mp3’s, photos, and/or videos has been waiting for. No more wires! It’s got a really cheap price tag for 1TB of storage. You can even raid the drive for insurance if you are concerned about drive failure. Say goodbye to buring DVD backups if you have not already done so.