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December 2007

Lockboxes for Everyone

by Ryan on December 15, 2007

Why should you ever have to go to the bank, or even an ATM for that matter, to deposit a check? Hello world…where’s the personal lockbox where all we have to do is mail the check to our bank (with a specific P.O. box listed on the envelope) and the check gets automatically endorsed, scanned, and deposited for me, saving a pointless time wasting trip to the bank. Who’s going to be the first bank to offer this great service?  This is an entrepreneurial idea worth pursuing.  For a small check clearing fee of say $10, solving this problem could be big business.  One could even use it as the foundation for starting a new bank – Easy Lockboxes For All.

Much Love For IKEA

by Ryan on December 3, 2007

Just a quick post here on how much I love IKEA.  I’m on a tight budget these days and I find furniture outrageously expensive, particularly when compared to buying a PC or a PC monitor or even a flat screen TV. The folks at IKEA do a good job of bridging that price gap for me. Anyone that says IKEA falls apart too quickly doesn’t know how to use a screwdriver. I.e., if your IKEA furniture feels chinsy or rickety, you probably didn’t read the directions and assemble it properly or you didn’t tighten your screws well enough. For the price, IKEA cannot be beat.

UPDATE:  The modern style of IKEA does seem to be going out of style.  IKEA is certainly weak in overall style points.  There are 2 sides to every argument – I guess I’m taking both sides on this one.