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Learn about AdRev and YouTube monetization at the Music Industry Toolbox – Wednesday March 27, 2013

by Ryan on March 24, 2013

music industry toolbox

I’m pleased to announce that AdRev, a division of AudioMicro, Inc. where we operate an asset administration and micro-licensing platform for music rights holders on YouTube, will be exhibiting at the Music Industry Toolbox this Wednesday March 27, 2013 at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Sherman Oaks from 3pm to 8pm.  The event is FREE so please c0me on by, meet the team, and learn about what we’re up to!

About the Music Industry Toolbox:

The Association of Independent Music Publishers and California Copyright Conference are proud to present the third annual Music Industry Toolbox. This unique event was created for Music Publishers, Record Companies, Production Music Libraries/ Producers, but should be of interest to all music industry professionals.

Performing Rights Organizations ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and SOCAN and a wide array of leading companies (including AdRev) will be on hand to discuss and demonstrate their products and services in the areas of digital distribution, royalty accounting & collections, music rights administration and music search.


Here’s what happens if u visit @Twitter from Jury Duty Free WiFi #juryduty

by Ryan on September 9, 2011


So at jury duty in LA county they let you have WiFi and internet access while waiting to be called; however, they have blocked a number of sites, including Twitter. Don’t they realize how many people in the room have a 3G / 4G enabled smartphone and can still access these services?

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6 Weeks of Traffic Growth @imagecollect

by Ryan on May 16, 2011

Now I’ve purposely left off the exact daily visitors here but let’s just say we’re pleased with the early results.   The chart here shows traffic growth (100% organic search traffic) at our new celebrity pictures site, ImageCollect.  We’re aiming to have the next 6 weeks (and months) be just as promising.

Posted via email from Ryan Born

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Swipely Now Wants to be Offermatic

by Ryan on March 4, 2011


You gotta love it when a prediction comes true.  A little over a month ago I predicted a pivot out of Swipely and Blippy because no one is going to their sites and no one want so publicly share credit card transactions.  Well a couple of days ago Mashable announced that Swipely wants to be an auto-rewards network for merchants.  Welcome to the club Swipely, you’ve got some nice competition from Kleiner Perkins funded Offermatic, who after launch has a similarly nascent traffic rank.  Let’s be honest here, both public sharing and rewards networks are tough spaces to play in. Nevertheless, I applaud you for pivoting (man I hate that word) and changing your strategy when you realized it needed to shift. That’s the sign of a good entrepreneur. Good luck with the new vision!

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VIDEO: I’m on KTLA Channel 7 Local News! Nice @audiomicro logo in the shot!

by Ryan on December 21, 2010

Bad drivers are like Gremlins…Get them wet and they multiply!

I think once in everyone’s life you get the silly privilege of appearing on local news.  Well my 10 seconds in the sun came yesterday when I was stopped on the corner of Sepulveda and Ventura in Sherman Oaks during lunch time to talk about the weather.  I gave a bunch of sarcastic sound bites and they chopped it down to just this brief clip – “It’s kind of a downer, people don’t know how to drive”.

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