A Bad Case of Mistaken Priorities

by Ryan on November 25, 2007

I had conversation with an overweight lady last night. She told me about how she was having trouble losing weight when all she does is eat salads. Later that evening, I went over to her house and looked in her fridge and I couldn’t find a single piece of fruit or a single raw vegetable – creamed spinach doesn’t count. Then, she went on to tell me about how she was worried about her old age and not having saved enough for retirement. She was having to pinch pennies left and right just to stay afloat. It seemed like standard sob story to me until she slipped and told me about how she had just spent $500 on botox and restalyne and that is was a fun experience for her and how she goes in and gets this treatment every month.  What a moron.   She’s complaining about how broke she is and yet she’s burning money on botox every month.    People are weird.