Pinkberry is a Goldmine

by Ryan on October 16, 2007

I really liked Pinkberry ever since my first had back in the spring of 2007. As much as I really wanted to hate this stuff when I first heard about it, it’s really good, and you can’t knock the hustle when something tastes good. Everytime I go to a Pinkberry I keep thinking to myself how badly I really want to invest in this company as the next local to regional to national food play – the easy retail / food stock run up that always works as long as you get out before it gets to the national level. Anyways, I’m reading some VC news today and look what pops into my browser…this article. And read this one too from the NY Times. I really need to get in on the series B. It’s easy money, and as every article on the company likes to point out, the celebrities love it too. Now this place is going to blow up even more. It would be so nice to ride this money wave. Maybe I should go get a job in the finance department there for a few years just for the options. They have plenty of cash to burn and people to hire with the $27.5M they just raised. This one will be really fun to watch over the next 2 to 5 years.