Swipely Now Wants to be Offermatic

by Ryan on March 4, 2011


You gotta love it when a prediction comes true.  A little over a month ago I predicted a pivot out of Swipely and Blippy because no one is going to their sites and no one want so publicly share credit card transactions.  Well a couple of days ago Mashable announced that Swipely wants to be an auto-rewards network for merchants.  Welcome to the club Swipely, you’ve got some nice competition from Kleiner Perkins funded Offermatic, who after launch has a similarly nascent traffic rank.  Let’s be honest here, both public sharing and rewards networks are tough spaces to play in. Nevertheless, I applaud you for pivoting (man I hate that word) and changing your strategy when you realized it needed to shift. That’s the sign of a good entrepreneur. Good luck with the new vision!