What’s wrong with Apple?

by Ryan on October 21, 2007

For the record…I like Apple and I use Mac’s quite a bit and generally enjoy my experiences with them; however, I must point out a few of my personal gripes with Apple, none of which will be news to anyone that has been breathing over the past century…

  1. Closed source operating system prevents many software developers from designing useful software to function on the Apple platform, which gives rise to the inability for many sites to function with it’s browser and many useful softwares to function on it’s OS.
  2. Forces users to pay for operating system upgrades when the OS is not a new OS, but ratherr a mere service pack (e.g. you musy pay $125 to go from version 10.3.9 to version 10.4.1 in order to simply access network storage)
  3. Forces users to purchase Apple’s own hardware (an Apple computer) in order to use it’s software (the Apple OS) – shunning the abilities of so many other hardware manufacturers. If Microsoft pulled a similar move, it would be disallowed through anti-competitive lawsuits as a result of the impact that it would put a number of companies out of business including Dell, HP, Gateway and hinder the profitability of every company that derives any significant portion of its revenues from PC and PC peripheral sales (IBM, Sony, Panasonic, etc.).
  4. Generally pricier for the same performance